About Us

For over 15 years WGI Gallery has been combining fine art imagery with nature's most beautiful canvas—pure wood—to create truly remarkable statement pieces. We believe in the reliability, quality, and attractiveness of American-made products and we're proud to contribute a solid line that represents the best of what "Made in the USA" should mean.

Years of research & development, trial and error, and fine tuning have led to a method that places a high-resolution image onto a smooth wooden surface and bonds permanently using safe, non-toxic methods that are environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any humidity. The result is that the wonder of digital imaging brings the works of some of America's most popular artists to an exciting and novel substrate while retaining "art gallery" quality.

In addition to our flagship wall art line, we offer a variety of other gift and decor imaged wood products such as cutting boards, room screens, round art, lazy Susans, and our signature canvas wall scrolls with Aspen rails and jute rope hangers. Interestingly, our fastest-growing product line is imaged toilet seats, an out-of-the-ordinary request that turned into a national phenomenon, continuing to gain popularity. We offer over 70 fine art images placed on oak veneer toilet seats in both round and elongated seat shapes.

In an exciting development which began in 2016, we are now offering full on-screen customization. See the Wall Art category for personalization, customized motivational wall art, and an unprecedented upload-your-own photo option for wooden wall art!